System Cost

Understanding the Cost of Solar Systems

Solar Thermal

Low Initial Cost – $7500 for 80 gallon hot water system
Return On Investment
Fast Pay Back, 2.5-4 Years
Hawaii Energy Rebate $1,000
Out Of Pocket -$6500 + tax
Federal Tax Credit 30% -$2041.88
State of HI Tax Credit 35% -$2382.19
Net Cost $2382.21
Avg Monthly Savings $100
Cost/Avg Savings Approx 23.82 Months
Or 1.98 Years
To Get Your Net Cost Back

Thermal Solar Saves More

In Years To Come.
Here’s Why:
Say, the typical system can save $50 per month at first. When the kWh rate doubles in 10 years, your thermal solar system will save you $100 per month and still make 120 gallons of hot water a day.


High Initial Cost – $10,000-50,000
Return On Investment
Long Pay Back, 8-14 Years
Initial Cost, Typical 3 Phase Buildup $36,000
Tax Credit Federal 30% State HI 35% $23,400
Net Cost $12,600
Avg Monthly Savings $135
Cost/Avg Savings Approx 93 Months
Or 7.8 Years
To Get Your Net Cost Back

Solar Photovoltaics Save You

Less At Time Goes By.
Here’s Why:
Most P.V. panels come with a 25-year warranty for 80% output. So, expect a 10-15% loss in performance in 20 years. The good news is that P.V. panels should last about 50 years and still have an output of 65-75% efficiency. Inverters are expected to last 10-15 years; twenty-year extended warranties are also available and is probably a good idea.

So, by the time a photo-voltaic system pays you back once for your investment, a Solar Thermal hot water will have paid you back 7 times!

We do recommend photo-voltaic systems, but we also recommend that you start with a solar thermal hot water system first. This way, you are able to reap the rewards and get paid back while or before you are ready to install a photo-voltaic system.